35 years at Mario Catering, 35 years in Santorini, we organize receptions and handle events. During these 35 years we have earned your trust and preference. These 35 years have made life…delicious!

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Catering Services

From the traditional recipes of Grandma Mario, within a backdrop of vast blue, to your exquisite taste expectations.
At Mario Catering we ensure natural ingredients of local produce but also selective flavors from all over the world.

All recipes bear the quality hallmark of Mario Catering and reflect the eclectic aesthetics of each and every special occasion.
The result being a culinary tale laced with the most enchanting Aegean breeze.

You simply select the location; Mario Catering will be by your side with an array of tasty propositions and unique recipes.

Trust Us.
We are eager to host your gastronomical desires and requests.



Getting married in Santorini?

We have the ideal menu and setting for your reception.
Mario Restaurant has made history throughout its lifespan of 35 years, hosting your every joy.

We provide the necessary equipment and skilled staff to make your special moment even more unique.
We are able to accommodate up to 450 guests on our premise hall or overlooking the sea, offering a combination of a demanding menu at very reasonable prices.

Mario Restaurant is also an excellent proposition for business or other events on the island of Santorini.

If desired, Mario Catering can also undertake the flavor of your wedding at any other premise of your choice.

Baptism/Children Party

Baptizing in Santorini? Welcome and entertain your guests at Mario Restaurant.

Young and old convene together, wishing well your christened child and indulging in our delicious recipes of traditional cuisine.

Mario Restaurant can also host all celebrations of our young friends.

Santorini is not exclusive to adults! Mario Catering will play the game of flavor with our young friends in any location of your choice.

Special Events

A marriage proposal.
A surprise.
A spontaneous desire.
A sudden idea.
An anniversary.
A romantic tet-a-tet!

Mario Catering is always by your side, on any occasion needed.
Forever offering the most exclusive recipes and impeccable, discreet service. 


The secrets of the Mario Restaurant cuisine are hidden within the excellent quality of ingredients we seek out locally, but beyond borders as well. And naturally, through our delectable recipes.

Select from our traditional and authentic array such as:
Fava beans – Tomato cakes – White eggplants – Fish soup – Lobster pasta – Lamb in wine
When looking for something even more exquisite, choose from our fresh fish and seafood.
Alternatively, select our classic recipe of meat and vegetables.

The selections are many. The flavor however, is one. The one that reflects the quality guarantee of Mario Catering.
Take a gastronomical journey of Santorini through Mario Catering and Mario Restaurant. Indulge in the flavors of Aegean. 

The restaurant

“Mario Restaurant”, has participated in large events in Santorini and accumulated a significant experience in catering operations, thus it can fulfill any kind of catering purpose for your event in Santorini.
Having our own catering vehicles and a complete collection of equipment, we are able to offer a unique experience, with supreme food quality and exquisite service!


What our customers say about us

We had lunch at Mario. It was located on Monolithos Beach...right on the water. The doors open up to the beach from the main dining room and you get the feel of the ocean. The food was excellent and the service was great. We arrived just after 12:00pm and we were the only ones in the place. Lunch in Greece gets going around 2:00pm. We sampled many items and loved the sautéed mushrooms and eggplant. The oven roasted squid was excellent as well. My wife loved the roast beets and spinach dish the best while I loved the sauce they put on the eggplant and mushrooms. This place was recommended by the bartender from the Majestic Hotel.

We had lunch here right after arriving via air. The restaurant is right on the beach near the airport. The food was very good, and the service was excellent. We ate at noon, and the restaurant was very quiet. This restaurant is large enough to be a great dining venue for large groups.

Been here many times. Every time it gets better and better! Fish is always fresh, Greek cuisine is excellent! Service staff very polite and professional. Overall I would recommend this restaurant to anyone who wants to avoid touristic attractions and wants a true Santorini experience.

Last night we've visited Mario Restaurant, on Santorini Island. The service was excellent and the dishes were special. We enjoyed our delicious dinner combined with Santorinian White Wine. Perfect choice for lunch or dinner!!!


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